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First of all, thank you for checking out my website. My name is Robby Miller and from 2013 - 2017 I taught in Bedford with my business, Bedford Guitar Tuition. Well, in April 2017 I decided to take an adventure and move to the USA with my wife which was a big step to make, especially considering how successful Bedford Guitar Tuition had become.


Although I'm not around in Bedford anymore to teach private 1-2-1 lessons, I am offering Skype lessons. Here's a list of the perks:


1) Leave your car keys where they are...

There's no need to leave your house! Probably the biggest convienience with Skype sessions is you can have a lesson from the comfort of your own home!


2) No more crumpled paper...

Yes, the digital age means I can send you your guitar practicing material straight to your inbox. No more reading off half chewed up paper or misplacing it!


3) Easy payment...

Don't worry about being late to your lesson beause the cash machine is out of money. Payment is arranged via PayPal at least a day before the lesson so it's all taken care of.


4) Always have a teacher...

Online lessons means you are always able to connect with me and have a lesson...even if you're on holiday!


So, are you ready to start your new adventure with the guitar? Whethere you are a beginner or advanced, shoot me an e-mail and we can arrange your first Skype guitar lesson with me -


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Robby Miller


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